Here it is and i know i might be a bit sloppy but i put hard work into it and im not a employee from toei animation!

Woah thats fast!

Update on Unrated!

2017-08-21 22:26:06 by WhatDidiJustSee

Well as you know i started making a new animation series and the episodes arent out yet because im working on it 

i got my story boards complete and all i need is to complete my character list in the opening theme! but sadly i only have a total of 6 character arts in the opening theme and i need more! so if you have any recommendations of characters just describe it or even better make your own so i can put it in the show!!!

Heres a peek of one of the characters! (And if your going to submit a character to me id want them in this pose 2000x1200)


And be sure to check out my new site! (Which was a forum on newgrounds)                                                                   Website: !!!!

Im Making A New Story!

2017-05-31 13:26:32 by WhatDidiJustSee

Ive Decide To animate and program to make a good story im not yet finished with it but i will be finished if i decide to finish it!

so i might give up and call it a day.


so i might not be heard from in a while.

here's a Animation that i just made for the intro i know its bad but the story intro will be very much better!



Sorry for not posting.

2017-04-28 20:56:35 by WhatDidiJustSee

Guys im sorry i have not been posting lately but i probably wont post anytime soon so... eh 

but that is only because i found this new program that could be cool and successful for my work!! it call Source FilmMaker and im still experimenting with it so... i might be gone for a while!

i just wanted to say thank you to all the 1000+ people who played my game and it means so much to me that you guys did and just thank you so much but i didnt wanna just give you useless words saying how thankful i am i wanna show you guys!




The most sexiest hentai picture on earth Just for you guys ;3























2017-03-20 18:43:51 by WhatDidiJustSee



suits is made!

in the game portal


Almost done with my game!

2017-03-02 00:22:21 by WhatDidiJustSee

6137514_148843219481_info.pngguys ive been making my game since the past few months lo and i havent been active lately but letting you know that i will be soon!



heres a list of the characters so you can get a good review of them!

Guys i wanna thank you for viewing my unscouted art and hopefully you gave me a chance to be on the art portal and i have anew game coming out know as suits the simdate!



be sure to play it and if you have any suggestions for it let me know!

Guys And girls check out my patreon It will soon have comics! of my Mini Shows! 

*WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT Kinda* =============================

You have been warned! Yay! ======================================                                                   ===========================================================                                    

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