Update on Unrated!

2017-08-21 22:26:06 by WhatDidiJustSee

Well as you know i started making a new animation series and the episodes arent out yet because im working on it 

i got my story boards complete and all i need is to complete my character list in the opening theme! but sadly i only have a total of 6 character arts in the opening theme and i need more! so if you have any recommendations of characters just describe it or even better make your own so i can put it in the show!!!

Heres a peek of one of the characters! (And if your going to submit a character to me id want them in this pose 2000x1200)


And be sure to check out my new site! (Which was a forum on newgrounds)                                                                   Website:

www.imxprs.com/free/jblui/oldskies !!!!


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